I am in Zagreb Finally!!!
I took a train to Belgrad where I was going to catch the next train. But we were crawling not riding. One delay after another. We arrived way too late for my next train.
It was after 10 pm By the time I got my bearings it was probably 10:30. Instead of searching for a hotel
I decided to take a chance with a bus to Zagreb. There must be a night bus.
First thing first- I found an ATM, got local currency and bought a bottle of water. City buses stopped running. Could not get a cab. Sprinted to the bus station. Supposedly, it should not take more than 15 -20minutes. Without clear directions and a dead phone – quite a challenge. Miraculously, I came 5min before bus departure. There was a night bus and I did not miss it!
Boarded the bus, got upset that it does not have a washroom and realized that I lost my bottle of water. What a chain of misadventures!
Took a deep breath and counted my blessings.
It is amazing how many I had just that night alone:
-Physical strength to handle the challenge.
-Good fortune to meet friendly, helpful people on rainy, dark streets in a foreign city.
-A miracle in catching the bus.
-Good luck in not losing anything except a half-empty bottle of water, that by the way, I replaced once the bus stopped at a gas station.
I was really blessed that night.

I slept most of the ride. Now I am sitting in a cafe with a plugin and wifi, drinking cappuccino, recharging mine and phone’s batteries.

Feeling blessed, being connected to the World and enjoying a cappuccino in a Europian cafe, who could ask for anything more?

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