Day 7 Sofia

Hello Sofia
Each railway station, I am coming too, seems to have its own set of surprises. Belgrad seemed shabby and unfriendly, but very soon I have discovered that it has all the necessary things to make me feel welcomed.
Sofia Central Railway Station is the exact opposite. It is modern, clean and bright, But it is totally foreign tourists unfriendly. In fact, it is not too friendly to any passenger. On the night of departure the crowd of anxious passengers, myself included, was watching the departing trains display in order to find the right platform. This info became available 10 minutes before the departure time! The mad rush pursued. I jumped into the first train wagon that seemed right. There was no conductor to provide guidance. After the train departed to Varna and the conductor finally came in to check the tickets I have learned that I am in the wrong vagon. I had tickets for 1st class but was sitting in the 2d class. I decided to stay as the compartment was empty and I felt that having a second class compartment to myself is more comfortable than sharing the first class with 3 other passengers. But I am getting ahead of myself in this note. Sofia, particularly its center, is beautiful. It has a rich history. I could not visit all the points of interest in one day, but those that I did were great.
I will write a separate post on Sofia at some later date.

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