Let the fun begin

My next Bucket List Journey started with a flight from Montreal to Lima, Peru.
The flight was long and uncomfortable. The cabin was cold sitting by the window felt like being in a freezer. Eventually, went to the back of the plane to stretch, start chatting with flight attendants. To my surprise, they knew that it is cold but did not realize how bad it is by the window. They made some adjustments and the second part of the last 3 hours of the flight were tolerable.

The B&B place that I booked for the first night in Lima arranged a taxi. The ride was fast and exciting. I got an impression that the clearly marked traffic lines are suggestions only, and driving distance between vehicles could be measured in millimeters.

Next morning I moved to the official hotel booked by the tour company. It looked great, but for most of the day we had no utilities not even water to wash hands or flush the toilet. Internet remained unreliable. At 9 pm some construction work began outside and lasted till about 1am. The pneumatic hammers made horrible noise and the walls of our building were trembling so were most of the guests.

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