Day 0

Last minute tasks, final goodbyes, and first hiccups. An attempt to do online checkin for the Aer Lingus flight from Toronto to Budapest with a stop over in Dublin failed.The system complained that there are more than 24 hrs for the flight Dublin Budapest and refused to process check in for the Toronto Dublin flight that was less than 8 hours away. What a bright system they have. ¬†Another system brightness showed up when we boarded. The TV screens were showing some bogus times at the origin, destination and estimated arrival. ¬†Passengers kept asking questions, flight attendancta just shrug their shoulders: ” it’s a system error”.

The flight was delayed for 2 hours. Finally, we took off and more disappointments appeared. Alcohol was not complimentary. This is a transcontinental flight is it not? Asked 2 attendants for an additional tomato juice. Both promised come back in a minute, both forgot.

Otherwise, the flight was smooth and wonderfully uneventful. Just the way it should be.


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