Days 1-3

I am moving from country to country and city to city at a speed that does not leave much room for taking a break and writing notes.  Today is the third day of the voyage. I have forced myself to sleep in. Yes, I actually took a sleeping pill yesterday to have a good rest and overcome the jet lag.It worked like a charm.

Luckily, it is raining this morning so I did not miss much.

Ok back to Day 1. Dublin.
The city is vibrant and interesting  Between the late arrival, morning rain, and 5:55 am departure next morning I had a short day to see it. I took the Hop on Hop off tour and made the best out it. I will write a separate post about Dublin. It well deserves it.

On to the Day 2.

The day started at 3:30am with several more disappointments. The cab came almost 20 minutes late! Considering my day 0 experiences and this tardiness I realized that Ireland is not Switzerland.

The flight to Budapest was OK despite the fact that Aer Lingus was charging for everything, even water! Budapest greeted me with many nice surprises:

-A reasonably priced door to door mini bus service from the airport.

  • Very cozy apartment. Thank you, AirBnb
  • Free public transit for seniors
  • Good warm weather

My first task was to find a Eurail office and make the reservation for the railway trip from Budapest to Belgrad. From there I just walked the streets and took pictures. In the heart of the city, near the Liberation square, I joined an English tour for international students interested in Hungary’s Communist past. 
Tired but full of information, emotion, and enjoyment of the wonderful scenery I ventured to take a short cut and walk home. I took a wrong advice or made a mistake and ended up in the heart of the Jewish Quarters. This is the statue of me at the end of the day yesterday.




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